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Company Profile

About StarVedia - a leader in video products and your best partner

StarVedia was established by five experts in the network and multimedia area. The average experience is more than ten years. We therefore know not only the technology, but also the application. We want to develope and provide the products that can really be easily used by end users and with best quality.

StarVedia Technology Inc. is a video and network expert company focusing on providing the most user-friendly video products, especially on the IP Camera products. We will let the users connect to their IP Cameras in their houses when they are in the office, in the Starbucks, in the airport or in the hotel room when they are traveling around the world. The users do not need to do any configurations on the home routers, this happened immediately after their easy installation of the StarVedia IP Cameras.

Our Mission - Seeing the video from anywhere

The world has changed a lot since the Internet was created. You can do a lot of things on the Internet, not only searching for some data information, using the Internet as a data base or a library. The internet is also a tool. You can use the Internet to transfer data, voice and video.

The multimedia over internet is the future. People will not only talk through internet, see the TV through internet, will also see each other through the internet. And, of course, you can also monitor your house through the internet. You will want to see what's happening in your house - are your kids good cared by the nanny? Are your parents safe at home? Are your pets playing around and healthy? - Whenever you are in the office, in the coffee shop or traveling around the world.

Our mission is to make this internet multimedia available for everyone in any place. We want to make people be happy to use the video products just like turning on a light or TV.

Product Portfolio

StarVedia specializes in consumer and professional network video solutions including IP cameras and video management software for remote monitoring, security surveillance and broadcasting. The company also will provide products for other network multimedia related products in the future. The products are based on in-house developed software technology, which enables devices to be securely and rapidly connected to virtually any wired or wireless network.


StarVedia is a company focusing on designing, developing, manufacturing and providing the best network video products to our customers including distributors, systems integrators, channels, brand-owners and ODM/OEM partners

Technological Strength

Technical competence is one of the greatest strength of StarVedia. Because of our experiences and technologies in the network, embedded system, real time operating system, voice, video and communication areas, we have developed some technological barrier in the created video products.

Core technology

  • SeeingDirect technology to see the video anywhere in the world directly.
  • Enhanced video streaming technology to improve the streaming ablity
  • Streaming video play and recording technology.
  • Wireless access technology to access the video wirelessly with good quality.

Our capability for technological innovation is derived from our extensive systems knowledge and system integration expertise. New product development of our highly integrated total solutions evolves with consideration of the entire system and fully utilizes our expertise in network and multimedia design and integration of key technologies, such as video streaming, network access, video play and wireless access. These technologies allow us to achieve the primary development goal of plug and play, SeeingDirect product, greatly increasing product availability.

Our expertise in system development and product design is matched by our manufacturing knowledge and technologies, ensuring product quality and reliability.


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