What makes Z-Wave the best choice for Smart Home?   samrt home on a camera

Interoperability - High Compatibility
Z-Wave is a very unified protocol. Every Z-Wave devices certified by the Z-Wave alliance will be compatible with our Z-Cameras.
With Z-Wave, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility between devices. All certified Z-Wave devices will work with our cameras.

Low-Power - Energy saver
Z-Wave operate with a very low power consumption. This will allow your Smart Home solution to last a year without changing your devices battery.

Low latency - A fast protocol
Z-Wave is designed to provide reliable, low-latency transmission of small data packets at data rates up to 100kbit/s.

Mesh Network - Signal repeater
Z-Wave uses a source-routed mesh network architecture. Each Z-Wave device acts as a signal repeater.You won’t have to worry about the Z-Wave signal range.

Interference free - Wi-Fi waves won’t bother you
Z-Wave operates at 908.42Mhz. Unlike most of communication protocol, its frequency is very different from the Wi-Fi frequency which allows Z-Wave devices to be interference-free with Wi-Fi waves.
Being in an environment with plenty of Wi-Fi signals will no longer be a problem.

  • Smart Home on a camera
Z-Wave gateway in a camera - All-in-one
Our cameras are no longer only IP cameras, they integrate a Z-Wave gateway and are able to control and manage your Z-Wave devices.
You don’t need to get a camera and a Z-Wave gateway, our camera do both for you.
mCamViewZ+ - Our Smart Home App
With its intuitive design, our App will let you have the best usage and user experience of your smart camera. You will be able to easily configure and use all the innovative features provided by your camera.

Manage your Z-Wave devices
Adding, deleting and controlling Z-Wave devices has never been that easy. In just few taps on our App you can do basically anything you want with your Z-Wave devices. You can remotely monitor and control them.
Create Rooms
You can create rooms and assign your Z-Wave device to each of them for a better control of your house.
You will be able to monitor and control all of the devices located in one room in just one tap.

Scene allows you to intuitively design small automation programs to get your Z-Wave devices to work together and automate your home.
Record and Playback
Record the video from your camera into your mobile device, SD card, your Dropbox account or your NAS device.
You can replay your video recordings anytime you want.

Time-Lapse recording
With the Time-Lapse recording function, things that happened during days or even years in real time can be played back over just a few minutes.
This function can be applied to many situations. You can easily capture beautiful footages of subtle events such as a flower blooming, an incubation process to record a construction process.

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